• Emily is a skipper, ocean advocate and artist dedicated to studying environmental challenges in the most remote parts of our planet. She is an international public speaker and advisor on issues relating to our ocean and future society. 

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    Emily talks to Experience Life Magazine about ways to solve the challenges facing the earth’s oceans

    Thanks to Experience Life Magazine for this film we shot for their cover story!

    Sperry onboard Sea Dragon

    Check out Sperry's film about the program on ocean plastics that Emily delivered for their Ambassadors in Antigua

    Feature in Sidetracked Magazine

    Pick up your copy of the latest Sidetracked Magazine to read Emily's story 'Dancing with the Monster'

    Parley For The Oceans

    This month Emily has been working with Parley in the Maldives, tackling ocean plastic. Standby for exciting updates in a few months...
    Check out Emily's latest TEDx talk in Ubud, and following interview on NPR TED Radio Hour
  • Girls eXXpedition

    a series of all-women voyages to make the unseen seen, from the toxics in our bodies to the toxics in our seas. In November 2014 Emily skippered a crew of 14 women across the North Atlantic Ocean in search of answers relating the health of our environment to the health of our bodies. In 2015 they will sail the South Atlantic Ocean. Documentary now available here.

    Apple Advert

    I’m delighted to share the Apple commercial Apps We Can't Live Without, in which Pangaea Explorations and I were lucky enough to feature. Skip to 1:10 for our feature!

    Exploring Mindset

    A Shift In Thinking Will Change The World
    this series of expeditions is designed to take you out of your comfort zone to discover and form an action plan to live a life you love.

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  • Sailing the Northwest Passage

    During summer 2014, Emily joined Jimmy Cornell on his new vessel Aventura IV to attempt to sail westbound through the Northwest Passage as part of the Blue Planet Odyssey. The BPO is a 3 year round the world event where cruising yachts will be taking part in science, community and education projects.


    How it all began... in 2008 Emily hopped on Earthrace and spent a year touring 120 cities around the world.

    Sailing The Line

    Emily sailed to the Line Islands of Kiribati by the only means possible: a sailing cargo ship trading western supplies for coconuts. She set out with the aim of creating a zero waste community, but found that the issue could only be solved by facing up to much bigger questions.

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    An experienced public speaker, Emily has spoken around the world at conferences, universities and global companies about her adventures and issues relating to our oceans, human mindset and future society. If you would like to book Emily as a speaker for an event, please contact emily@emilypenn.co.uk for prices and availability.
    Upcoming Events:
    11th Sep - Mastermind Class at ASOS - London
    27th-28th Sep - Monaco Yacht Show with Y.CO - Monaco
    30th Sep - Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability Training - Lisbon, Portugal
    5th - 6th Oct - Our Oceans Conference - Malta
    26th-27th Oct - 11th Hour Racing CONNECT 2017 - San Francisco, USA

    Living A Life You Love
    November 2014
    A Shift In Thinking Will Change The World
    January 2015
    The body burden of our plastic problem
    July 2016
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    Emily Penn is an oceans advocate, skipper and artist; a graduate of Cambridge University with a degree in Architecture.


    As much at home in and on the water as she is on dry land, Emily's ability to develop and communicate solutions for challenges facing today's society has been sharpened by a diverse portfolio of unique experiences.


    She has organised the largest ever community-led waste cleanup from a tiny Tongan island, trawled for micro plastics on a voyage through the Arctic Northwest Passage, rounded the planet on the record-breaking biofuelled boat Earthrace, and worked on a sailing cargo ship trading western supplies for coconuts.


    Emily splits her time between running eXXpedition - a series of all female voyages which focus on the relationship between plastics and toxics and female health - and working on solving the ocean plastics issue with Parley for the Oceans and other corporate clients.


    Prior to this, Emily co-founded Pangaea Explorations, to enable scientists, filmmakers and everyday people gain access to the most remote parts of our planet; collecting data on global issues and along the way discovered previously unknown oceanic gyres – huge areas of plastic pollution accumulation.


    An experienced public speaker, Emily has spoken around the world at TEDx conferences, universities and global companies, sharing both her adventures and an understanding of the issues relating to our oceans, human mindset and future society.


    Emily was honoured with the Fitzroy Award at the 2016 Ocean Awards and is also the youngest and only female recipient of both the Yachtmaster of the Year, awarded by HRH Princess Royal, and the Seamaster of the Year award. She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical society and in 2017 was elected as a member of the Cordon Rouge Club.

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